How to choose the ideal international online trading platforms

How to choose the ideal international online trading platforms

International online trading platforms are very different from b2c platforms. Before one can get on with the ” how to buy wholesale products online”   section, they have to understand the complexities that come hand-tied with b2b selling.  

It’s important that international online trading platforms meet those important business decisions.  

To determine how to buy wholesale products online, the following criteria need discussion before selecting any international online trading platforms.  


International online trading platforms have certain complexities over b2c selling. The functionalities of a b2b platform must meet those requirements. To this end, here are a few important features look into:

Responsive design: B2b customers tend to operate international online trading platforms from different devices. Thus a b2b e-commerce platform must be responsive from all devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  

Service: Both buyers and sellers operating on the site trying to figure out how to buy wholesale products online, want to solve their own problems.  The e-commerce platform should help them do that.  

Payment option: Including flexible buying options provide convenience to customers.  

Sales integration: Integrated sales rep provides users with real-time access to data which allows the teams to be more responsive to the various business accounts. This allows the latter to grow quickly.  

Customer-oriented pricing: A facility to include different prices for different customers.  Additionally, the exclusivity maintenance of certain accounts.


On a hosted or on-premise e-commerce platform, the different b2b businesses will have to maintain the website themselves. That means paying for the server, dealing with broken links, and software codes will become a recurring headache for the business.  

On the other hand, a cloud-based platform hosts a site for the b2b business. No much responsibility falls on the b2b company itself in this case.  

However, the platform choice depends on the type of business.  

PCI security:

All international online trading platforms must comply with PCI. This ensures secured card payment information of the customer. There are some cloud-based platforms that provide this security to the customers since the data is present right on their server. It’s their responsibility of managing the same.  

However, on other hosted servers, the client is in charge of PCI compliance.  


Costs vary as per the platform type. A hosted platform generally costs more since one has to pay for the software license, maintenance, costs for development, and of course for the in-house IT team.  

On the other hand, a fully-hosted SaaS or PaaS platform involves the payment of just a monthly fee. It covers hosting, maintenance, security, and support of the platform. Clubbed cost is generally lower.  

Integration facility:

In addition to considering the functionality and the type of the platform, international online trading platforms need to integrate well with other systems. This ensures the smooth operations of both online and offline channels.  

For a b2b business, integration is crucial as it enables a business to become an effective multichannel seller, and thereby guarantees better customer experience and service.  

Thus while deciding on a b2b platform, it’s crucial to look into how the same with function with the established ERP system

Indeed selecting the right platform for b2b operations takes time and research. Once the selection is complete, how to buy wholesale products online can be focused upon.

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